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King Gesar of Ling

King Gesar of Ling with English subtitles:

Dalai Lama in 1940

Publié le 5 Décembre 2013 par Ling Lhamo

Uploaded on 2 Mar 2008

Highlights from the BFI National Archive's extensive collection of films shot in Tibet prior to the Chinese occupation can now be seen in the BBC/BFI co-production, 'The Lost World of Tibet' (2008). Featuring a potent interview with the Dalai Lama an extended version the documentary is available to buy on DVD from the BFI Filmstore -

These extraordinary scenes were filmed in Tibet in the 1940s and include shots of the current Dalai Lama (then still a very young boy) and his family. The opening scenes show the Dalai Lama's parents and siblings, and a procession of high-ranking men and women. This is followed by a clip of a procession with the Dalai Lama in a golden palanquin, his presence indicated by the peacock feather umbrella being carried alongside. The final scenes, in contrast, show ordinary children dancing and ice-skating in Lhasa.

All titles on the BFI Films channel are preserved in the vast collections of the BFI National Archive. To find out more about the Archive visit

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