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King Gesar of Ling

King Gesar of Ling with English subtitles:

White Crane

Publié le 17 Novembre 2013 par Ling Lhamo

The Sixth Dalai Lama passed away 307 years ago, on 15 November 1703, after predicted that he will take rebirth in Lithang, in Kham, in one of his famous poems, "White Crane". To commemorate the day of his passing away, a friend from Tibet sent me this beautiful interpretation of his poem by Dubhe, great Tibetan singer. Dubhe sings it on my favorit melody, traditional Ling Gesar's melody. I dedicate the translation we made with Lobsang Jinpa to the memory of Lithang Gonchen monastery. I pray for its fast restauration and for the fast retourn of HH Dalai Lama to all sacred places of his past rebirths.

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