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King Gesar of Ling

King Gesar of Ling with English subtitles:

Phasa zin yong

Publié le 21 Novembre 2013 par Ling Lhamo

One of the singers in the video, Ugyen Tenzin from Sugma in Nangchen, was detained in February 2012 and later sentenced to two years in prison following the release of his album, "An Unending Flow of My Heart's Blood", which contained some songs dedicated to HH the Dalai Lama as well as the third highest ranking Buddhist leader the Karmapa, and the Tibet's exile prime minister Lobsang Sangay. Reports said that Ugyen Tenzin has been beaten in custody and is of very poor health. He was recovering from surgery prior to his detention and the tortures made his condition worse. None of his relatives or friends are allowed to reach him.

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