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King Gesar of Ling

King Gesar of Ling with English subtitles:

Gesar's horse race Cham

Publié le 21 Juillet 2013 par Ling Lhamo

Gesar's horse race Cham

ཤ་ཤིང་གེ་སར་རྣམ་ཐར་བཟློས་གར་ཚོགས་པ་གི་དེ་རང་རྟ་རྒྱུག་ནོར་བུ་ཆ་བདུན་འཆམ་བཞིན་པ།Yesterday, Shashing Association of Ling Gesar's story telling and dances performed a sacred dance representing the horse race in which Gesar won his Kingdom and his wife Drugmo. Shashing association is based in Golok Gabde.

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